The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit by Elissa Carden
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Find Your Best Keywords & Get Found in Etsy Search

Learn the 4-step strategy that will teach you how to objectively choose your best keywords, so you can confidently optimize your listings for Etsy search without the fear of algorithm changes, endless hours of keyword research, or constant revision. 

If you're an Etsy seller who would like to spend more time creating and less time stressing about SEO, hello & welcome. You're in the right place.

You Know You Need SEO.

Are you missing out on the free, high-quality, passive traffic that comes from Etsy search?

With saturated competition, confusing search guidelines, and all of the misguided advice on Facebook, getting found in search can seem impossible.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you need to work on your SEO to get more views in your shop, but...

  • You can't ever seem to find the perfect keywords
  • You're overwhelmed when you login to your keyword research tool
  • You're spending way too much time trying to write titles and tags to fit Etsy's ever-changing guidelines
  • You keep asking for advice in Facebook groups, but you never seem to get the answers you need to actually start getting sales in your shop
  • You've been working on your titles and tags, but it just doesn't seem to help
  •  You are so confused... What even is SEO?!

You're Not Alone.

Look, I know SEO seems to be no fun at all. It's confusing. And frustrating. Plus, where do you even start when Etsy is changing the algorithm all of the time anyhow?

When I opened my first Etsy shop, I didn't know why I wasn't making sales. I constantly wondered why shops with low-quality listings seemed to end up on the front page of search while my items were completely buried. 

Learning SEO put my listings in front of my best customers and helped me make sales in my shop. 

More importantly though, it made me a happy and confident creative business owner who could be proud to share my shop link with my friends and family.

SEO Can Change Your Life, Too.

Imagine sitting at your laptop and listing a new product:

  • You have plenty of high-quality keywords ready to go.
  • You know exactly how to write your title.
  • You don't second-guess your choice of tags.
  • SEO is suddenly easy.
  • You are confident. 
  • Your listings are optimized for search.

Let's Make It Happen.

The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit is a straightforward and practical workshop and set of resources that will show you exactly how to choose high-quality keywords and optimize your listings so your best customers can easily find and fall in love with your shop.

Find Clarity In The Process

Throughout the Toolkit, you'll learn a step-by-step, 4-part process for keyword research that won't fail you, even if Etsy changes its search requirements.

Then We Will Write Your Titles & Tags.

When you trust the Toolkit Keyword Research Process, your titles and tags will practically write themselves.  

(But, I'll walk you through it and give you a title-writing formula, just in case!)

And if you want all of the knowledge, I've got, you.

If you're like me, you want to know why you're doing what you're doing.

The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit is a toolkit for this reason! You can watch the knowledge videos to learn all about Etsy search, the algorithm, and everything in between... 

...Or you can skip over them and get to the good part! (The Toolkit Keyword Research Process)

Either way, The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit has you covered.

When you purchase the Toolkit, you'll have immediate access to all course materials, including:

  • Thorough knowledge videos
  • A 48-page workbook to take you step-by-step through the keyword research process
  • Introductory videos to teach you about each step in the Toolkit Keyword Research Process
  • A handy scoring guide that makes your keyword research simple, straightforward and objective. 
  • A full-length listing example so you can see exactly how to do keyword research, write titles, choose tags, and incorporate keywords into your descriptions 
  • An SEO tracking workbook with pages to track your shop and listing progress 
  • Video FAQs to answer all of your SEO questions

"Best step by step instructions with actionable tips that explained each part of the title and tag process thoroughly. A lot of "paid" gurus never have given this level of information that is easy to replicate on your own."

-Rachel H.

What's included?

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How to Choose Your Best Keywords
Welcome to the Toolkit!
1 min
The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit - Keyword Workbook.pdf
1.2 MB
Step One: Brainstorming
2 mins
Step Two: Validation
2 mins
Step Three: Research
8 mins
Step 4: Rank
2 mins
How To Write Your Titles and Tags
How to Write Listing Titles
3 mins
Title Writing Guide - The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit.pdf
76.3 KB
How to Choose Tags.mp4
4 mins
A Guide for Choosing Tags.pdf
65.3 KB
A Full-Length Listing Example
Brainstorming Example
17 mins
Validating Example: Who Keyword Ideas
12 mins
Validating Example: What Keyword Ideas
20 mins
Validating Example: Where, When, Why, How Keywords
13 mins
Sorting Example
27 mins
Keyword Research Example
(1h 09m 43s)
Ranking Example
27 mins
Title, Tags, and Description Example #1
20 mins
Title, Tags, and Description Example #2
11 mins
Title, Tags and Description Example #3
8 mins
Additional Examples
Jimi Hendrix Listing Example.mp4
14 mins
Shark Bait Tank Example.mp4
40 mins
Learn About SEO
What exactly is a keyword?
2 mins
Keyword Generation and Research.pdf
257 KB
What is SEO?
8 mins
The Algorithm.mp4
7 mins
Measuring Your SEO Efforts
How to tell if your seo is working.mp4
6 mins
SEO Tracking Workbook - Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit.pdf
123 KB
SEO Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for my SEO to work?
2 mins
How do I not repeat words in my titles and tags?
3 mins
Why is my SEO not working?
3 mins
How can I optimize my listings for Google search?
2 mins
Should I put keywords in my description?
1 min
Do plurals matter?
1 min
Do I have to offer free shipping?
2 mins
100 Niche Keyword Ideas for Gifting - The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit.pdf
58.9 KB
Search Analytics Tour.mp4
8 mins
Your Questions, Wins & Feedback
Questions, Wins & Feedback Form

"I'm just really happy to have something like this, the charts where I can enter numbers. Before finding your toolkit, I have been SO overwhelmed over which keywords to choose."


Is The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit right for you?

You'll get the most out of the Toolkit if you are...
  • A new seller who wants to learn how to get found in search
  • An experienced seller who wants to streamline your SEO process
  • A seller who gets frustrated trying to find the perfect keywords 
  • A Facebook group fanatic who is always getting advice to "work on your SEO"
  • An aspiring Etsy shop owner who is getting ready to list products
  • Any Etsy seller who wants to learn how to find high-quality keywords
On the other hand, the Toolkit is not for you if...
  • You're being found and making consistent sales through Etsy search
  • You're already confident in your SEO skills
  • You don't have the time or the motivation to put in the effort right now

"I worked on my listings and things have really improved. I just hit the 50 sales mark!"

-Rachel S.

Your dream of running a successful Etsy shop starts now.

SEO may not be everything you need to run a profitable Etsy shop, but it is the best place to start when trying to get traffic to your listings.

In fact, every time you waste another $.20 on a listing that is going to be buried in search results, attempt another Instagram post that isn't going to get you sales, or pay Etsy to run ads that are going to be a disaster without proper listing optimization, you miss out on the free, passive, highly-converting traffic that comes directly from search. 

Invest in your own knowledge base, take charge of your business, and start dreaming big. The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit is here to get you where you want to go!


How long will I have access to The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit?
Forever! When you get in now, you're locking in a great inital price. Based on your feedback, the course is sure to be improved over time, and you'll have access to all of it!

Will I have to pay for an SEO research tool?
Nope! The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit uses free tools on eRank to do keyword research. That being said, you will be able to do the research faster if you pay for eRank Pro.

Can I use Marmalead instead of eRank?
You can, but the keyword scoring system is based on eRank.

What if Etsy changes their algorithm?
Good question! The Toolkit is based on a keyword research strategy that won't change, even if Etsy changes the algorithm. That's the beauty of it!

The Etsy Seller's SEO Toolkit

Enrollment is closed