Search to Convert by Elissa Carden

Search to Convert

Search to Convert is a free course for Etsy sellers who want to make more sales, improve their conversion rates, and build a solid foundation for better search placement and SEO.

What's Included In Your Free Course?

3 Video Course Modules + Listing Assessment Workbook + Conversion Spreadsheet

Self Assessment Workbook

This 12-page listing workbook will help you identify key points for improvement in your Etsy shop, so you can start fixing problem areas in your listings and make more sales today.

Conversion Rate Spreadsheet

Track your conversion rates over time with this color-coded spreadsheet that automatically calculates conversion rates for you. 

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Lesson 1: SEO & Conversion
Watch: Conversion & SEO
6 mins
Lesson 2: Conversion Rates
Watch: Conversion Rates
4 mins
How To: Calculate Your Shop Conversion Rate
1 min
How To: Calculate Your Listing Conversion Rates
2 mins
Conversion Rate Tracker
4 mins
Lesson 3: Improve Your Listings
Watch: Improve Your Listings
10 mins
Listing Self-Assessment Workbook